Monday, February 8, 2010

Faith without works is dead!!!


As I was searching for a particular scripture I came across Proverbs 14:23 "All hard work brings a profit, BUT mere talk only leads to poverty"

And it got me thinking "mere talk only leads to poverty" I'm thinking WOW I have talked myself out of blessings, simply because I procrastinate. Simply put I can't get mad if I say "Okay, I want this, I want that" and I don't receive it, because though it sounds good, I'm not putting any actions with what I want to achieve. Which Brings me back to "FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD."

People that are successful always tell you it wasn't easy, it took hard work and sacrifice, and though the scripture doesn't state sacrifice it does state HARD work not mediocre or slack, or half step, NO it states HARD work brings profit. Meaning keep going don't stop don't work out of your feelings.

Don't just say your dreams and goals, write them down, because once they are written down they are more likely to come to pass, because now you have the drive cause you can See It!!!

God didn't just say all the wonderful promises he has for us he gave man inspiration to write them on scrolls which today we call the "HOLY BIBLE"

I believe that was one of my mistakes, not writing my goals, and dreams down because I began to forget the steps and the minor details that I had thought about that I thought were key, but because I didn't write it down. I was lost and didn't have the motivation to rethink all those great ideas that I had first thought of, so write it all down the first time.

Just remember anything that comes easy is not worth it, because you won't appreciate it as much, but when you put you all blood, sweat, tears into something you are more passionate about it because u actually poured yourself into it.

So STOP being so busy that you keep putting your dreams on hold and get up and began to write your visions, dreams, and goals and work HARD for them and watch they come to pass.