Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring's Finally Here!!! What will you Wear!!! If you Dare!!

This look to the right is my just put on and run out the door to the store outfit...because you never know who u may run into....and you always wanna look your best but not over-do-it with too much and dont want to
under-do-it with to little so this is the perfect balance and still demand the respect....and I would keep the shoes....
So this is my Gotta get up and Go fit!!!

The pic above is my beach wear....You ask Why? because it's light still stylish and's not to much or to little it's just right for a walk on the beach or a little feet in the water ya dig... I would change the shoes though to so wedges of the same colour LOL brown though.... Oh and I know we dont spell color like that I just seen it spelled like that is fashion magazines...!!!!

So this look is my Beaches and Sunset look

Okay this fit is sooooo cute... I would rock this to ummm...maybe a lil cocktail party at a lounge... I would definatly change the shoes though and either put some nice light gold shoes or brown not black though...

So Cocktail Lounger is what I would call this!

So tell me what ya think of my spring attire!!!!