Monday, February 8, 2010

Many, Many, Many Years ~ Random

LOL, okay, have you ever wondered what kept people living for so long back in the bible days besides GOD.

I mean Adam lived until he was 930 years of age. These days its a blessing to see 60.

As I was reading my book "A call for Character: Manifestation of the Sons of GOD" which by the way is an excellent book. I ran across a paragraph that was talking about having that Enoch type of relationship with GOD, but that is a whole different blog subject.

Anyways, so I turned to Genesis 5, and began reading, and it came to me that these people were truly living! LOL. Like can you imagine living unto you are 300 years of age. What would that be like. I can only half-way imagine.

They were even having children at the ages that would only now through the natural rim seem impossible. Today when you think about having a baby in your 30's or even early 40's they talk about high risk, but in Genesis 5:3-5 Adam was 130 when he had Seth, and in Genesis 5:6-8 Seth was 105, Wowwww that goes to show what kind of GOD we serve. If it's your destiny to be here no matter the situation or circumstances God will make it happen.

Just a random thought lol, but think about it 930 years of age. Do you think that you would be able to keep up with all the technology and changes that would be happening. Think about how u might even look lolol...