Monday, April 13, 2009

What a weekend

What a weekend and the past few days my internet at home has just not been working....I know I paid the bill.... but regardless here is my latest blog....I enjoyed spending time with my family I don't that we should wait for holidays to come around to spend time with our loved ones....This ressurection day made me rembemer what the world calls Easter really about.....It's about the price that was paid for you and I to be saved from eternal death....meaning when you go instead of burning in HELL you will rejoice in HEAVEN....he (Jesus) said he came to give us life and more's not always about materlistic things that we feel gives us life and hope and ect... It's the personal Relationship that you build with christ.... You dont want to just do enough to get by....You should want to experience all that GOD's has in store for your life....Just something that I wanted to share at work so gotta go...
Think about this:
If he really didn't rise why are we still talking about it today.....What does that tell you....It's true is did rise and he had witness....We serve a True and Living GOD....we don't serve a dead GOD our Lord and Savior is alive..... Thank You Jesus.....



Friday, April 10, 2009

Less is Best this Spring!!! Fresh Natural Looks....Is what I'm going for this Spring****

I Believe less is best for Spring 2009....Natural looks are really clean and Spring is about freshness...I will be rocking all natural looks for the season of Spring....All these looks has inspired me to show my Natural Beauty this season....that is the best beauty your natural beauty.....which is the looks that GOD has given you now there is nothing wrong with Beauty accessories (but I will be discussing that in a later blog).
Estelle may not strike to some as pretty...and that's right she is not pretty she is Beautiful...She really has a natural glow and Beauty to her distinct look....Ladies we have to stop calling one another ugly because our flaws makes us different....and just because we are not pleasing in each others eye doesn't mean that we are ugly....Be proud of what you have and what you were given cause when u start trying to alter mess up and begin to have a faulty less is better this spring let's enjoy our Natural BEAUTY this spring......!!!!

I also like this earthy image of beyonce her natural tones are so clean and precise!!!


Spring's Finally Here!!! What will you Wear!!! If you Dare!!

This look to the right is my just put on and run out the door to the store outfit...because you never know who u may run into....and you always wanna look your best but not over-do-it with too much and dont want to
under-do-it with to little so this is the perfect balance and still demand the respect....and I would keep the shoes....
So this is my Gotta get up and Go fit!!!

The pic above is my beach wear....You ask Why? because it's light still stylish and's not to much or to little it's just right for a walk on the beach or a little feet in the water ya dig... I would change the shoes though to so wedges of the same colour LOL brown though.... Oh and I know we dont spell color like that I just seen it spelled like that is fashion magazines...!!!!

So this look is my Beaches and Sunset look

Okay this fit is sooooo cute... I would rock this to ummm...maybe a lil cocktail party at a lounge... I would definatly change the shoes though and either put some nice light gold shoes or brown not black though...

So Cocktail Lounger is what I would call this!

So tell me what ya think of my spring attire!!!!


Okay, so this pic is last year...and I have lost a couple pounds since then....but anyways I am soooo happy I finally figured out how to.... you guessed it! work this blog thing a little better....I feel really good about my background Pearls...It's something about them they are classy, clean, sophisticated, but yet still edgy you can defiantly rock a punk rock outfit with a string of pearls and change the whole dynamic of the outfit ya dig...I love beauty and fashion its sooooo me....To tell you the truth it was not always like this one point I just go to comfortable with being comfortable and didn't realize my esteem and confidence was slowly but shortly dissolving...It wasn't until I found christ that I realized how low my esteem and confidence had gotton....but know that I have him I know who I am and what I am capable of becoming and achieving...Now I have balance between true Beauty and Beauty's Accessories.... I will explain the difference between the two in a later blog....Well I'm at work so holla at ya later ladies......



Thursday, April 9, 2009

FIrst Day Blogging

Okay!!!! so Im trying to get creative with my Blog layout page and I am struggling....Im not gonna give up though I am gonna pick a layout that reflects a little of my creative side.... Any who besides that Im fine....Everyday I find out that I am stronger than I was the day before.....and only through christ have I cherished who he created me to be....and I want to share that same experience with you guys.....Ummmm so until then holla at me sometimes.