Friday, April 10, 2009

Less is Best this Spring!!! Fresh Natural Looks....Is what I'm going for this Spring****

I Believe less is best for Spring 2009....Natural looks are really clean and Spring is about freshness...I will be rocking all natural looks for the season of Spring....All these looks has inspired me to show my Natural Beauty this season....that is the best beauty your natural beauty.....which is the looks that GOD has given you now there is nothing wrong with Beauty accessories (but I will be discussing that in a later blog).
Estelle may not strike to some as pretty...and that's right she is not pretty she is Beautiful...She really has a natural glow and Beauty to her distinct look....Ladies we have to stop calling one another ugly because our flaws makes us different....and just because we are not pleasing in each others eye doesn't mean that we are ugly....Be proud of what you have and what you were given cause when u start trying to alter mess up and begin to have a faulty less is better this spring let's enjoy our Natural BEAUTY this spring......!!!!

I also like this earthy image of beyonce her natural tones are so clean and precise!!!