Monday, April 13, 2009

What a weekend

What a weekend and the past few days my internet at home has just not been working....I know I paid the bill.... but regardless here is my latest blog....I enjoyed spending time with my family I don't that we should wait for holidays to come around to spend time with our loved ones....This ressurection day made me rembemer what the world calls Easter really about.....It's about the price that was paid for you and I to be saved from eternal death....meaning when you go instead of burning in HELL you will rejoice in HEAVEN....he (Jesus) said he came to give us life and more's not always about materlistic things that we feel gives us life and hope and ect... It's the personal Relationship that you build with christ.... You dont want to just do enough to get by....You should want to experience all that GOD's has in store for your life....Just something that I wanted to share at work so gotta go...
Think about this:
If he really didn't rise why are we still talking about it today.....What does that tell you....It's true is did rise and he had witness....We serve a True and Living GOD....we don't serve a dead GOD our Lord and Savior is alive..... Thank You Jesus.....