Monday, February 1, 2010

FEBRUARY 1, 2010: 1st 30 Days of the NEW YEAR OVER!!!

Hey FaithisBeauty Fam,

Okay, so we made it through the first 30 days of the NEW Year!!! How was it? Are you still keeping up with those New Years Resolutions? LOL

Well for me I was doing great, we always start off the first week doing Great...Then week 2 we down grade to we are doing good, then week 3 we just doing aight, then by the last week in the month we are already ready to give up and start over next month.

Well, I didn't do bad I'm just stuck at the I'm doing GOOD phase, when I want to consistently be at the I'm doing GREAT Phase.

So, I'm challenging you to pick up your goal and resolutions again and be better than what you were last month, be greater, be more pro-active, be more diligent, JUST BE MORE!!!!!

I'm enjoying how slow paced this Year is going. It seems like it's more time in the day to accomplish what I need to accomplish.

One of the 101 goals I made was that I was going to build my Vocabulary Up!!! I think that we should always challenge ourselves and think above what we think on an average basis.

I know when I am listening to TD Jakes, he forces me to step my Vocab up LLJ ( laughin Like Jesus) because he uses words I have never heard of before, but I write them down go back and look them up. I love it because now when I hear the word I know what it means and I too can use it in a sentence.

I'm back in school this semester!!!!! YAYYYY!!! so excited about that, and I'm interning with Celebre' Fashions....and taking free HOW to Study the Bible classes at Evangel Cathedral....It is awesome.... I love being busy, but I'm never to busy where I don't stop and take time for My daddy and Big Brother (GOD, and Jesus). Like I stated before challenging myself, Staying pro-active. Doing something different, so Im hoping that you will join me on my journey and I look forward to hearing about yours!!

So in closing, Step out and do something you never dared to do (as long as it's nothing that will degrade you as a Women or Man), but challenge yourself this month, Volunteer somewhere, Give more to charities than you would want too. Just do something different than what you did last month, and do something different for the better.